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WRITE IT RIGHT: How to improve your vocabulary

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One of the main concerns when it comes to writing is vocabulary. The lack of vocabulary may impede one’s flow of thoughts and the ideas may not be able to be articulated well due to the aforementioned issue. I would like to share some visual aids on vocabulary (I like to call them vocab vitamins) […]

Of Debate & E-Lab

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Due to hectic schedule, I was on writing hiatus but I finally manage to update this blog of mine. Some of the updates are not really that up-to-date but well, something is better than nothing, no? Two weeks ago, I was the Chief Adjudicator of  the quarter-final round of the Parliamentary English Language debate of […]

Taking a breather

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Things I did for the past one week: *Documentation & execution of MY LIT PROJECT, my latest action research project (pheww!)*Gave a talk to the Form 5 students at SM Teknik Johor Bahru, Johor  (I had a great time, such an attentive crowd )*Formed the committee members for the School Website Contest – english version […]

English Literature books

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I’ve got hold of these books yesterday and I’m still in the midst of reading the F4 & F5 poems, short stories and drama. I’ve only read through the poems as I was swarmed with tons of works, pending and waiting to be executed. (operational work plan, students’ essays, ICELT, 2010’s allocation of classes…the list […]


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One of the programmes that I’ve carried out with my students is The E-Classroom programme. Basically, it is a series of lessons carried out using the Internet and multimedia application at the computer lab. I honestly think that the teaching of English Language would be best enhanced with the accompaniment of the wonderful world wide […]