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The M Project: Being Malaysians

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In conjunction with the Merdeka month celebration in my school, I’ve came up with the M Project where the main themes of the lessons revolved around patriotism & Independence Day. In this context, the main educational emphases are on Thinking Skills, ICT, Knowledge Acquisition and  Multiple Intelligences. There are so many ways the teachers can […]

Intel Teach: A gratifying learning experience

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 Last week, I attended the Intel® Teach Course that was organised by the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC), Kuala Lumpur. Basically, its main objective is to mould effective educators that integrate IT in their lessons efficiently, elevating the gratification of the learning and teaching process. We were introduced to the concept of 21st century learning […]

Intel Course

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I am attempting to stay sane despite the heavy workload. I would definitely love to take one day at a time but it seems that a few days are attacking me at the same time! I’ve managed to establish my school’s Johor Student Council (a novel concept but  I honestly think we need more time […]