The M Project: Being Malaysians

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In conjunction with the Merdeka month celebration in my school, I’ve came up with the M Project where the main themes of the lessons revolved around patriotism & Independence Day. In this context, the main educational emphases are on Thinking Skills, ICT, Knowledge Acquisition and  Multiple Intelligences. There are so many ways the teachers can inculcate patriotism and raise awareness on ethnic harmony, national unity and tolerance. Rather than forcing them to embrace the ‘I must be patriotic because I am a Malaysian or else, get out from this country’ doctrine, I believe we should lead the students to form their own perspectives and reflections on their country via positive and constructive manners. Oh yeah, what best way than using multimedia and visual aids right? Here are some teaching aids that I’ve used to enhance the students’ interest and patriotic fervour towards our beloved country, Malaysia.

a) Petronas’ Merdeka Advertisements

Using television advertisement is a very effectual method of generating students’ interests towards the topic. I always love the series of Petronas‘ Merdeka Advertisements as they act as catalysts during brainstorming session.  You could use various questioning techniques (open-ended, probing and leading) to evoke responses. It works well, especially with weak students as the visual aids  help them to come up with possible answers.

b) Project-based Learning

I always find project-based learning as the best way of boosting the students’ interest and understanding towards a lesson as it generates active participation, collaboration skills, high thinking skills and indeed, a more meaningful lesson.  For the M Project, the students work in group and produce a pamphlet on the topic ‘Being Malaysians’. The students did this within 2 days and they really put strong effort in producing these pamphlets. Way to go! For more information on project-based learning, do check out Intel Teach programme.

Students’ works.

The students’ works were assessed and awarded.

 c) Vlogging
 This is the latest fad among the teens and I believe it can be fully utilised to teach English as well. Afterall, what best way to connect with the students then using the latest Web 2.0. technologies? Vlog is coined from video + blog = vlog and it’s uberly popular nowadays. I’ve came across a lot of vloggers such as Mat Lutfi, Maria Elena, Anwar Hadi, to name a few. What I like about vlogging is that it fuses the elements of role playing and digital storytelling which make the viewing more engaging and entertaining. This is in parallel with my latest Action Research where I focussed on Digital Storytelling. Maybe we should encourage more students to try this out in class. That would definitely excite the students yet help them to utilise technologies in improving their language proficiency.

 I’ve shown the vlogs below to my students and they helped the students to understand the concept of patriotism in a fun and meaningful way. Vlogging is a great learning alternative to enhance their confidence, vocabulary prowess and language competence.

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