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I had great time facilitating Write It Right Writing Workshop with the students at SMK Dato’ Penggawa Barat today. We focused on the fundamentals of essay writing by integrating online interactive platforms such as Kahoot, Padlet and Quizziz. The students conducted collaborative writing to brainstorm relevant points that could be extended into more comprehensive contents in their essays. All the best for your SPM trial exam tomorrow! 


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Thank you Universiti Malaysia Pahang for inviting me as one of the featured speakers for ICOLLT 2018. I was amongst the featured speakers alongside Prof. Dr. James McLellan, Dr Nurkhamimi Zainuddin and Dr. Balasz Huszka.  I’m blessed to be given the opportunity to represent the teachers amongst the Language experts.  I  take this as a platform to learn and improve myself. Apart from being the feature speaker, I facilitate a workshop on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Language Learning. I believe that AR & VR has amazing potentials that need to be optimised by all educators. I am no expert but I believe if you share from the heart, things will turn out well eventually.  The complimentary flight and accomodation are greatly appreciated. The warm hospitality and smooth conference management are divine. The most important of all, the networking established will enable language practitioners, policy makers and learners from multiplier institutions to sync our efforts in inculcating multilingual education and improving the state of our education system. Let’s hope for the best.


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I attended the Johor Model United Nations (JOHORMUN 2018) that was held at Paragon International School recently. I was one of the advisors to the committee members in making the event a success. Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are an effective and constructive platform for young leaders to engage in fruitful exchanges of ideas and opinions. Such programmes have set a monumental impact in many locations globally- allowing student leaders to immerse themselves in cross cultural exchanges and we hope that by extending it in Malaysia, more students could benefit from its multiplier advantages.

AFS Malaysia Selection Committee 2018/2019

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I have been volunteering with AFS Malaysia Johor Chapter since 2010 and it is a great platform to inculcate inter-cultural awareness amongst teenagers. Apart from being an LP, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to select the creme de la creme for the AFS Student Exchange Programmes this year. One of the coveted programmes offered is the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exhange and Study programme (YES). I hope the chosen ones will do their best to represent Malaysia in USA. All the best!


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As part of the online cultural exchange project with our South Korean partner, we use collaborative language learning. Our students, Arvin & Shiqah created a video to teach their friends simple Malay Language on making a basic introduction. In return, the Korean students will make response videos as well as teach Hangul to SMKBBU students. Thanks to my awesome IT Coordinator, Saidatul for allowing us to record at Makmal Alfa. 😍