Intel Teach: A gratifying learning experience

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 Last week, I attended the Intel® Teach Course that was organised by the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC), Kuala Lumpur. Basically, its main objective is to mould effective educators that integrate IT in their lessons efficiently, elevating the gratification of the learning and teaching process. We were introduced to the concept of 21st century learning which I personally think should be embraced positively by all educators. Although I’m familiar with blogging and PowerPoint applications, I believe that one can always learn and refine oneself by learning constantly. Just like the well-renowned story of the Empty Cup, I believe there’s always room for improvement and I am glad that The Intel® Teach Program broadened my perspectives on ways to integrate Web 2.0. technologies in promoting collaborative efforts and project-based learning.

  Group 4 : The ‘certified’ counsellors
[ l-r: Pn Ng (SMK TUTA), me, Pn. Jamiah (SMK TUTA) & Pn. Salbiah (STF)
The jovial Pn. Ng & I. For someone her age, she is quite IT-savvy. I salute you madam!
The course participants goofing away after 5 days of memory overload.
[l-r: Kak Sal, Ben, Kak Jem, me, Sui Liang & Pn.Ng)
Kak Sal & I presented our group’s project in front of the course participants. Despite the gory ‘mat rempit’ images, I think the presentation went quite smoothly. We became students once more, burning the midnight oil, preparing  the unit plan, brochure, ppt and blog. What an experience!
The blog that we developed for our project-based learning. As our topic was concerning teen issues, we set up a counselling centre to help troubled teens. I’m in charge of developing the blog. I’m thinking of putting up all the group presentations & teaching materials online so everyone can benefit and use it in their lessons. What do you think?
A group photo with Madam Jayanti, our awesome course facilitator. I love her optimism in using IT to teach weaker students. I couldn’t agree more, Madam. Based from my experience, weaker students learn better via audio-visual stimuli.
Apart from frantically preparing Unit Plan for our group presentation, I managed to meet my sis and my best friends, Zee & Pakcik. We’ve been best friends for a very long time and they have even become family friends. I got the chance to meet up with my former student, Suhaimi who is currently doing his final year at IPBA. He just got back from Plymouth and will be an English Language teacher, just like me! We had a  great discussion on the teaching profession and also his preparation for his upcoming teaching practical. Good luck Suhaimi ! For your information, I keep in touch with most of my ex students because I genuinely care about them even after they leave school. Thank god, I can rely on Facebook to keep in touch with all of them. They are the main reason why I signed up in the first place. I  was supposed to meet Afiqah, my ex-student as well but my schedule clashed with hers. No worries Afiqah, hope we can see each other in June yeah 🙂

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