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As part of the online cultural exchange project with our South Korean partner, we use collaborative language learning. Our students, Arvin & Shiqah created a video to teach their friends simple Malay Language on making a basic introduction. In return, the Korean students will make response videos as well as teach Hangul to SMKBBU students. Thanks to my awesome IT Coordinator, Saidatul for allowing us to record at Makmal Alfa. 😍




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Still on marking frenzy 😅 while managing other gazillion things. SMK Bandar Baru Uda is collaborating with Yong Moon HS, South Korea on an online cultural exchange project.

Our students will do collaborative writing and short videos, Skype sessions on Malay Language, school life, food etc. while the Korean counterparts will share theirs. We feel this gives students the platform to practise English in an authentic communication, not just for passing exams (or talk about Kdrama or Kpop 🤣). The students are from various classes, ranging from top classes to the last classes. Danny for instance is from the last class but can speak English rather well.

It is a fully online collaborative project where students take charge and learn from one another. Mr. Choi, Yong Moon HS coordinator and I are merely facilitators to assist them along the way. Hope this will help our students in a long way.


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It’s Teacher’s Day today! This year, SMKBBU decides to go with Malaya Klasik theme for our Teacher’s Day celebration. Everyone was dressed to the 9S and they looked splendid! I wore a Radzuan Radzwill piece, kebaya labuh with songket. I believe that it is important for us to remember our heritage while moving forth towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It was a sad day for our English Language Panel as Kak Normah has retired. We will miss you kak Norm! Now, there are only two teachers teaching Form 3, Punitha and !! 32 periods are no joke but we will do our best for the sake of our beloved students. I was happily surprised to receive the Most Awesome Teacher award this year. Thank you to all my beloved students and teachers for voting. This will be a motivation for me to do better and give back to my school and beyond.

Johor State English Language Conference 2018

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10 – 12 April 2018
M Suites Hotel
Johor Bahru

“Enhancing English Language Teaching And Learning In Rapidly Changing Times”

Alhamdulillah, I conducted my workshop “I’m Game! : Engaging 21st Century Teachers and Learners” successfully. This was my second time presenting for this conference where I presented at the 2nd Johor English Language Conference back in 2011.  I wasn’t able to join the opening ceremony as I was conducting PT3 Oral Test at school and I rushed after school to conduct my workshop. Glad they find it engaging and useful. That’s the main reason why I make time for sharing albeit my hectic schedule, to share the little knowledge and experience I have with others.

Congrats to JELTA for organising a top-notch conference for free. This conference featured many distinguished speakers with excellent credentials.  I do not know how you could pull it off but it takes great leadership and stellar collaboration to execute it well. Congrats to Mr. Vincent D’Silva for an excellent conference. Thank you for inviting me. Kudos to M Suite Hotel for being the main sponsor for this conference. The venue is amazing and your stellar support in upholding the English Language excellence in this country and beyond is highly commendable.

Enclosed is the link to my workshop’s presentation slide. Do check it out!


Johor Bahru English Language Debate Competition 2018

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This year is the first time we’re sending a team to participate in the district level English Language debate competition. To me, our main objective is to give exposure to students as well as boost their self-esteem in debating and voicing their viewpoints. I always believe we need to provide platform for students to explore their potentials and shine! I am proud of my students for trying their best and I am sure this is not the end of their debating experience.

I was the Chief Judge for the final round where SIGS met SSI. The motion is “this house will bring all oil and gas companies into public ownership.” Both teams did brilliantly and debated with finesse. Congrats SIGS and all the best for the state competition.