The 18th MELTA International Conference

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When MELTA decided to host this year International Conference in Johor Bahru, I grabbed the golden opportunity to attend it. I think majority of the participants were funded by the State Education Dept. or their respective schools and universities but this scenario didn’t apply to me. I forked out my own money and I considered it an investment for my profession.Well, RM300 might sound a bit steep to some people but for a 3-day conference, I think it’s worth it. Alhamdulillah, my husband kindly sponsored the entrance fee when he saw how determined I was in participating in this event. Thanks dear for supporting me in whatever I do!

Frankly speaking, this is the first time I’ve ever attended an event as flamboyant as this one. This year, The Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofiah gracefully accepted the task of The Royal Patron of MELTA. Hence, it’s no wonder the event was elegantly done. I bumped into my former colleage, Kak Miza and we certainly did a lot of catching up with the latest updates on each other lives.

One of the special highlights of this year conference is the Creative Teacher Showcase. I only knew about this event ONE day after its due date. Honestly, I was hoping that I could actually take part as I would like to showcase the L.I.T. Module that I’ve done recently with my 3 KAA1 students. I did have hesitation at first.

Am I good enough to take part in such grand-scale event?

Gritting my teeth, I told myself, you can do this. So I decided to e-mail the Secretariat and asked to be considered for the showcase. Alhamdulillah, they decided to accept my entry.

There are altogether 5 participants and we were allocated booths to showcase our innovation. We were given 20 minutes to present our teaching materials in front of the judges and audience. There was also a Q-A session later on. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get Bronze Commendation in this event. Along with the certificate, I also received RM100. To top that, the blogger that inspired me won the Basil Wijayasuriya Award. I actually went to her and personally thanked her for inspiring me. It was nice meeting you, Pn. Rahmah!

As brilliantly penned down by Pn. Rahmah, a teacher needs to brave uncharted waters by learning and sharing their innovations and ideas with their colleagues. I’m aware that I am still a novice in this field. Nonetheless I believe that sharing something beneficial with our peers is essential in enriching our teaching experience. One thing I’ve learnt from this experience, never underestimate yourself and you must believe in yourself before others could plant their trusts in you.

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