7th IMETC 2013

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The 7th International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention (IMETC)  was held in Bandung, Indonesia. A week after my studies in Harvard, I joined the secretariat at Golden Flower Hotel in Bandung, the venue of the convention. I was not alone as I was accompanied by my sister, Ucu. It was a great knowledge sharing session where there were many interesting papers presented on various research on social media, mobile learning, multimedia and blended learning approaches. Here’s a photo of all the presenters and committee members of 7th IMETC 2013.


Prof Ana Donaldson, Past Immediate President of AECT and I. Albeit her fame and reputation, she is very laidback and friendly. She gave me excellent advice on my thesis and upcoming projects. Thank you so much, I am humbled by your openness in knowledge sharing.


The secretariat. Associate Prof. Dr. Ariff, President of META and Dr. Rosnaini, Auditor of META. They are the backbones of this NGO that strives to acknowledge the key players’ contributions and knowledge in the realm of educational technology in Malaysia. 


This year is a milestone for META as we have signed a memorandum with AECT on collaborative projects and several future joint-ventures. Even the Director of BTP signed up as a member  These are some of the META members who have registered with AECT.

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