Power Of Being A Good Teacher

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I came across these videos while searching for some resources on You Tube. The topic was ‘Power of Being A Good Teacher’ which is relevant to my professional growth. The guest is Professor Dr. Muhaya Hj. Muhammad, Personal and Professional Development Expert, Alliance College of Medical Science (ACMS) and someone who I admire for her attitude towards life, her string of accolades and optimistic life principles. I totally agree with her when she stressed that in order to be an excellent teacher, you can’t stop learning and you ought to constantly upgrade yourself from time to time. Personally, I do hope I will be able to emulate all my former teachers and lecturers who have been great sources of inspiration. One essential thing I’ve learned from them is to stay down to earth and to keep on learning. Do check out the videos below and I hope they would inspire you as they had inspired me. Happy holidays!

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