Tips for 1119 English Language Paper

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Tomorrow, all the Fifth formers will sit for the 1119 English paper. I guess the teachers are as jittery as the students when it comes to examination. Here are some gentle reminders on some aspects that you need to remember in preparing for the upcoming examination.

• Remember S.T.A.M.P. (Setting/Themes/Actors (Characters)/Moral Values/Plots. They will usually test you on one of the aforementioned literary elements.

• Know your novel well. Read the novel once through before your exam to refresh your memory about the events that occur. Highlight important events (including sad and happy events) and the effect of these events on the characters. Justify your answers with evidences from the novel.

• Find out synonyms of the important words found in all the poems.

Essay Writing:

• For directed writing, use all the points given and justify with appropriate examples.
• Do not waste time counting the number of words for directed writing. A page and a half would suffice.
• For continuous writing, choose the topic that you feel most confident writing. Infuse idiomatic expressions appropriately to enhance your composition.

Good luck and I pray that you’ll be able to ace your 1119 paper! ♥

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