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Have you heard about Anchor, the latest micro-podcasting app? I’ve heard about it four  days ago on Ben Leonard’s Scope. Piqued with curiosity, I downloaded the app on iOS. What I’ve discovered that it’s the world first public radio that optimize interactivity and global sharing with users worldwide. You can record your micro-podcast (referred to as ‘wave’), use hashtags to categorize it and share with the masses. Anyone with Anchor account can respond to your wave by recording their replies to you.

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My Anchor’s account, listing number of likes, plays and my shared waves and replies from other users.


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An example of wave of Joel Comm who I’m following on Wave. It can be a question, annotation, reflection, rant or anything under the sun.

While exploring Anchor, I thought the abundance of potentials of micro-podcasting in teaching and learning. As it’s a 2-minutes wave recording, I reckon it would be a great social media tool for speaking skills, pronunciation, ennunciation, vocabulary and thinking skills. Since this app is relatively new, I twitted on Anchor recently and decided to kickstart  AnchorEd, a micro podcast show on education. Check out my waves below:

The 1st episode : How Anchor can support teaching & learning

The 2nd episode : To MOOC or not to MOOC?

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