Social Media Management Workshop

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I was invited by the Johor Student Leaders Council to facilitate the Social Media Management workshop for the top student leaders from all over Johor. Albeit not being as active coaching the JSLC due to my studies commitment, my heart is still with them and I will do my best to share my knowledge and experience with them.

During the session, I discovered that these talented young minds are passionate about youth leadership and eager to showcase their ideas as well as collaborate with their peers. I guided them on elevator pitch and strategic planning for project management. These skills are essentials as the Johor Student Leaders will embark on managing major leaderships projects such as international conference, charity dinner, leadership camp and many more in the near future.

I assigned tasks to each group where they need to showcase how they optimize social media in managing the aforementioned projects within limited time. The task aims to gauge how well they deliberate, disseminate and deliver their projects using myriad social media platforms. It was great to hear innovative ideas and new approaches being taken by the student leaders in managing their projects during the project pitching session.

Wishing them the best in the future undertakings.

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