Leaders In Action & Hutan Kita @School with YB Tun Jeanne Abdullah

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Date: 9th April 2011
Venue: SIGS

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to attend the Leaders In Action programme at SIGS, JB. Organised by the school’s Student Leaders Board, the event was officiated by YB Tun Jeanne Abdullah, the chairman of Landscape Malaysia and ENO (Environment Online) Mother of Malaysia.

My students who attended the programme. Syafiq, member of the Johor Student Leader Council, Shahiman, the Head Prefect and Azizah, the President of the Pre-U Students Council.

The forum in action. The topic was Mission Go Green For Green Living. It was brilliantly executed. Kudos!

I represented my school in accepting a tree seedling from YB Tun Jeanne Abdullah, in conjuction with the Hutan Kita@School programme. 75 schools in the district of Johor Bahru took part in this programme. The programme aims to spread awareness on the importance of maintaining our greenery and inculcating love towards Mother Nature.

Tun Jeanne during the tree planting ceremony.

She is so down to earth and motherly. A staunch supporter of global biodiversity.

This programme opened my eyes on various environmental issues. There are many ways that a teacher can spread awareness on the importance of sustaining the natural resources. Apart from that, students can also play a pivotal role in taking care of our environment. Do check out WWF Malaysia, ENO Malaysia and Lanskap Malaysia for more information on preserving our lush floras and fabulous faunas. In the word of Captain Planet “THE POWER IS YOURS!!”

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