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What I learn from my first Blab

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After 9 days on Blab, I’ve decided to host my first Blab. Prior to this, I was mainly observing and jumping in as co-speaker in some Blabs that caught my interests. The openness of conversation enables user to simply engage in verbal discourse or in written form. For newbies, after registering your Blab account using […]

My first Blab “In Mood for Blab: Potentials for Lifelong Learning”

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Do check out my first Blab at 10.30 a.m. today on the potentials of Blab for lifelong learning. I’ll be touching on my experience learning from Blab as well as having discussions with other Blabbers on the impact of Blab in enriching their knowledge and passion for lifelong learning. Catch my first #blab “In mood […]

In mood for Blab: Using Blab for learning 

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Do you Blab?  It’s never too late to check out Blab, the latest live online streaming platform that’s catching netizen’s attention worldwide. If you’re familiar with Periscope and Meerkat, then jumping onto the Blab’s bandwagon would be a breeze as they share similar concept of live-stream communication.  I was introduced to Blab a week ago […]