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Of fasting and examinations

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This month is certainly the month of tests and endurance. My students just sat for their PMR trial exam and anxiously await for the outcomes. I’m sure most of my colleagues are in the midst of marking frenzy and optimistically hoping for improvement in their students’ performance. After marking the English paper, I noticed that […]

One word

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I knew about this website through my former lecturer, Sharon Bakar when she raved about it in her famous blog. Everyday, they will feature one word and you’ll have to write something that revolves around that word within 60 seconds. I tried it once and I can say that I’m totally hooked on this. Frankly, […]


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One of the programmes that I’ve carried out with my students is The E-Classroom programme. Basically, it is a series of lessons carried out using the Internet and multimedia application at the computer lab. I honestly think that the teaching of English Language would be best enhanced with the accompaniment of the wonderful world wide […]

The Beautiful Imperfections

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Much have been said about the beautiful works of the late Yasmin Ahmad. I have always been in awe of her talent in exploring the significant angles on banal things in life. Her expertise has always been in capturing the true essence of family bonding. I used this YouTube video during my E-Classroom session with […]