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The Curse, Catch Us If You Can & Step by Wicked Step

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Based from my blog stats, I’ve discovered that there are quite a number of visitors who were looking for materials on the Form 5’s novels ( The Curse, Catch Us If You Can and Step by Wicked Step). Although I blogged more on The Curse as that is the novel that I am teaching in […]

State SLB Establishment Workshop 2012 & my 100th post!

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Date           : 18th Feb 2012Venue         : SMK Tasek UtaraOrganizer   : Johor Student Leaders CouncilParticipant  : 30 Secondary schools from various districts in Johor The committee members worked around the clock to make the event a success. I smiled when someone asked me “How come there’re not many teachers facilitating the workshop?” […]

I Wonder & Heir Conditioning

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For Form 2 students and teachers who are looking for PowerPoint materials on Jeannie Kirby‘s I Wonder and M. Shanmugalingam‘s Heir Conditioning, I would like to share the materials I’ve received from the Johor Bahru’s English Language Officer. For more English Lit materials, do check out my Slideshare‘s site. I Wonder – Jeannie Kirby View […]

Around The World in 80 Days

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For those looking for materials to teach Jules Verne’s Around The World in 80 Days, enclosed is the material provided by the Johor Bahru Education Office during the Johor Bahru’s F3 English Literature Workshop recently. Thanks to Ms. Ruzana for the materials. Sharing is caring 🙂 Around The World In 80 Days View more PowerPoint […]

English Teaching Assistants (ETA) Official School Visit

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Date      : 30 th Jan 2012Venue    : Sri Tasek Hall, SMK Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru, Johor. Howdy folks! Few weeks ago, my school welcomed 17 English Teaching Assistants (ETA) alongside their mentors and officers from the Ministry of Education, Johor Education Department and Johor Bahru Education Office. The ETAs are from USA and they are […]