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IRCIE 2016

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Alhamdulillah, I presented my paper “Developers’ Perspectives on MOOCS Sustainability in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.” Thank you so much to my beloved supervisors, Prof Rose Alinda Alias , Prof Hiroshi Nakanishi and my appreciation to Dr Noor Azean for her assistance and support. Thanks to all UTM MOOCS developers for taking the time to be my […]

Revisiting Harvard, Cambridge, MA

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I count my blessings for being able to step back into Harvard Square again where my memories were swept away by the first time I came here for Harvard Summer School (HSS) in 2013. That time, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia had selected me, Hafiz, Sze Yong and Andrew to enrol in HSS for the duration of three […]

Graduation Day!

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Finally, the day to wrap up the years studying for my MSc. IT Management has arrived. I’m glad to be reunited with my former classmates and be in the majestic hall of Dewan Sultan Iskandar. Alhamdulillah, I am jubilant and grateful to be the recipient of the Pro Chancellor Award as well as the Best Postgraduate […]

My PhD journey

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To be or not to be…that’s the question. I made a tough decision after mulling over the options for a while. I took the plunge into the abyss of uncertainties, knowing for sure I would expect years of sleep deprivation, zombified mind and yo-yoing esteem. Yep. I decided to do PhD. Part time. Why do I […]

I’ve made it!

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  Alhamdulillah, syukur ya Allah. This has been a momentous personal journey for me. Two years back, I wasn’t sure I can do this, doing IT Management with my background as an English teacher and zero knowledge on programming or coding. Yeah, it sounds kinda crazy. Some people thought I was nuts to do that. […]