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English Literature Component Form 1: Fair’s Fair

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After completing my book chapter on MOOCs for teacher professional development in Malaysia, I’ve finally got around designing another online learning resource for my students. This time, I’ve developed a ThingLink resource on Fair’s Fair, a novel written by Narinder Dhami. Fair’s Fair is a novel in the Form 1’s English Literature Component where it […]

In mood for Blab: Using Blab for learning 

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Do you Blab?  It’s never too late to check out Blab, the latest live online streaming platform that’s catching netizen’s attention worldwide. If you’re familiar with Periscope and Meerkat, then jumping onto the Blab’s bandwagon would be a breeze as they share similar concept of live-stream communication.  I was introduced to Blab a week ago […]

ASIATEFL 2014 & my first visit to Kuching

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I was glad that I had the opportunity to be part of 12th AsiaTEFL 2014 & 23rd MELTA International Conference 2014 held in Kuching, Sarawak. I have been attending MELTA conference on annual basis but I had to give it a miss last year due to my final examination. Boy, was I glad I decided to […]

Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in Malaysian Schools

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21st century learning has given impetus to the exponential growth of mobile assisted language learning (MALL). It fosters engaging personalized learning where students can optimize their understanding and learning gratification on language learning via wireless mobile devices. It is inevitable to deny that majority of Malaysian students own a mobile phone. I even have students […]

Knowledge Management of Social Media in Classroom Teaching

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It is inevitable to talk about 21st century classroom learning without including Social Media in the big picture. In the context of classroom learning, teachers have been contemplating on its implementation, not on  the need to use it but more on which social media tool that best delivers the intended objectives of the lesson. It […]