I’ve made it!

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Alhamdulillah, syukur ya Allah. This has been a momentous personal journey for me. Two years back, I wasn’t sure I can do this, doing IT Management with my background as an English teacher and zero knowledge on programming or coding. Yeah, it sounds kinda crazy. Some people thought I was nuts to do that.

So I asked my mom. She gave me the best advice ever.

Have a sincere intention as when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

I have flaws but I am a very driven person. I gradually learn to self-motivate, improve myself and choose my thoughts. Through motivation books that I’ve read (Covey, Carnegie, Robbins, Pink, etc.), I’ve learned that all successful people share one common trait: perseverance. They don’t give up easily and view shortcomings as flip sides to new perspectives and opportunities. Value constructive criticisms and ignore the sour grapes. Never let difficulties and negative vibes from others pull you down. That’s what I try to remind myself from time to time.

Here’s the hard fact of life : not everyone will be happy with your success. Gradually I learn that it’s important to surround yourself with people who can nurture your being. My SV, my lecturers and my classmates are very helpful in helping a novice like me. Apart from UTM community, LIC has been a great support in my journey as well.

I really cherish the opportunity given by MOE & UTM to study full time. I learned how to write proper research paper. Dr Halina & Dr Razak really helped me a lot in guiding me to be a better researcher. May Allah bless everyone who guide and pray for my success in life. I wouldn’t made this far without your support.

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