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Tips for 1119 English Language Paper

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Tomorrow, all the Fifth formers will sit for the 1119 English paper. I guess the teachers are as jittery as the students when it comes to examination. Here are some gentle reminders on some aspects that you need to remember in preparing for the upcoming examination. Literature: • Remember S.T.A.M.P. (Setting/Themes/Actors (Characters)/Moral Values/Plots. They will […]

KBSM English Literature Component : Form 5 Novel 2011

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It’s been almost three months since I’m away from school, nursing my injury. Hence, it is no surprise that I only knew about the latest novels for Form Five English Literature Component about a few days ago. You might have heard about this from other blogs. Nonetheless, I’d like to share the information in this […]

Teaching with Love

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I’d like to share an excerpt from one of my favourite books, The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. The book itself is divided into various chapters that covered the fundamental aspects of our lives. It’s deep and profound, reminding us the power of words in reaching the abyss of emotion. TEACHING Then said a teacher, “Speak […]

Innovative Teacher Award 2010

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 “Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by  which they exploit change as an opportunity.” ~Peter F. Drucker Alhamdulillah, I  received a fantastic news that I have qualified to the State Level of the Innovative Teacher Award 2010. The action research that I carried out this year, My Lit Project was chosen to […]

MY-LIT : Updates!

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MY-LIT Project, my school-based action research is up and running. Phew! It’s been a painstaking process but I do hope my students would immensely benefit from my innovation. For the moment, I’ve updated the site with some digital notes, courtesy of the Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education Malaysia. The materials are currently limited to […]