DeXter : Winner of Innovation Showcase!

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In conjunction with International Conference on Innovation & Information Systems (ICRIIS) this year, Wikiwiz had come up with DeXter. It is the latest venture of Wikiwiz’s technopreneurship project where one can turn one’s skills into money or outsource skilled tasks to trustworthy individuals with no fuss or worry. Alhamdulillah, Wikiwiz is going from strength to strength, challenges make a team stronger and closer.

So what is Dexter?   How does it actually work? There are two parties involved, the one seeking service (dextee) and the one providing service (dexter).  Dextees can post their task to get help from Dexters. Dexters find jobs by browsing through open tasks and choosing the ones they’d like to do. Whenever a Dextee posts a task, Dexters receive automatic alerts so that they can pick up the task quickly. Dexters get assigned to a task by agreeing to a Dextee’s set price or placing a bid that is selected by the Dextee. Once assigned, the Dextee contacts the Dexter, completes the task, and then marks it complete. The Dexter pays for the task through the website ( using our payment gateway, and then both parties have the chance to rate and review each other. Tadaaa!!


Wikiwiz & Dexter team comprising Muhammad Riazi, Abdelrahman Ibrahim, Habeeb Omotunde and myself.



 Dexter flyer.



Explaining the Dexter’s project to Prof. Rose Alinda Alias,  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) during the Innovation showcase.


Alhamdulillah, we won!


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