The Homecoming: An elegy for MH17

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As I watch the news on the upcoming arrival of the 20 Malaysian remains of MH17, I feel this solemn sadness heaving my heart. I decided to immortalize them in an elegy and here’s what I wrote, in dedication to all the fallen heroes of MH17.


By Nor Fadzleen Sa’don

We welcome you with sweet sorrow
As our anticipation is drawing near
Our sisters and brothers, the fallen heroes
The homecoming is finally here.

Verses of love grace you
Our teary souls embrace your demise
The nation awaits you
With open arms, with heavy hearts.

Your home awaits you
The family of strangers are here
As fragmented tomorrow transcends to sombre sky
We will soar as a nation, your spirits live in us.

-22nd August 2014

Johor Bahru



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