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Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog due to super hectic schedule. I am in the midst of marking frenzy (2nd monthly test and Form 5’s Gerak Gempur) while stealing time to go Raya shopping, spruce up the abode and bake Raya cookies. Hats off to working mommies who can do all that effortlessly! Here are the updates:
#1-Lesson Study Observation, SMK St. Joseph, Johor Bahru
Right after the Curse Item Building Workshop, I was appointed by PPD JB to be one of the observers for English Language Lesson Study at SMK St. Joseph. The other two observers were Mr. Ismail Juned, GC from SIGS and Mdm. Ho, GC from SMK Sri Rahmat. I’ve met Ms. Ruzana, our DELO and she gave a briefing on the duties we need to carry out that day.  Despite the fact I’ve attended the Lesson Study Workshop organised by Majlis Guru Cemerlang (MGC) Johor Bahru, I believe that I’ve enhanced my understanding on Lesson Study better and gained more confidence in conducting the observation when I’ve listened to the explanation given by Pn. Rahmah Sayuti (Pakar Rujuk) and carried out the observation in a classroom. It was good meeting you again, Kak Rahmah! Datin Siti Haishah Abd. Rahman, PP of BPG at Ministry of Education was present as well, along with other officers. We were given the outline of the Lesson Plan which was drafted and planned by the English Language panel members of the school. While observing the teacher in the classroom (it was a Form 5’s class), we jotted down the strengths of the lesson as well as suggestions in improving the lesson. Another criterion of Lesson Study is to have a discussion (post-teaching feedback) with the teacher and all the English Language panel members. The discussion primarily focuses on whether the Intended Learning Objectives were successfully achieved, the effectiveness of the methodology, class management skills and personal reflection on the lesson itself.
I felt the experience helped me to carry out Lesson Study more effectively in my own school. In fact, I’ve helped out the Form 6’s teachers carried out their Lesson Study in their classrooms. I know what you’re thinking, oh no, more workload! Honestly, I had qualms on it too at first. However, after going through the process, I think it’s an effective way to foster collaborative learning and implement a continuous professional development in our career. As it is a collaborative effort, it’s not about pinpointing an individual’s shortcomings but more helping to find solutions in rectifying any issues pertaining to teaching. I’ve briefed my English Language panel members on Lesson Study and so far, the feedback is positive. I hope we can carry it out after Raya break. For more information on Lesson Study, please check this out.

#2- Johor Student Leaders 2nd Cohort Camp, Kem Tasek, JB

 This is the first phase of the selection for the Johor Student Leaders Council for this year. About 200 student leaders from all over Johor were short-listed and chosen to participate in the Johor Student Leaders Camp. The 3 day-camp (29-31st July) was packed with physical activities, talks, workshops, games and  teambuilding activities. The students had to endure all the rigorous tasks sans ample slumber. The JSLs (Qistina, Sarvind, Kothai, Syafiq, CY, Sebastian and Thanen (Junior Camp Commandent),  facilitated most of the activities during the camp. Miss Azura who was the Camp Commandent did an excellent job of supervising all of the student leaders. Compared to the 1st JSLC Camp, the students’ physical endurance and intellectual prowess were way better and it’s definitely tough to choose only 20 Johor Student Leaders for this year. I was there as the Camp Coordinator, assisting Pn. Rosliza Rosli, the head of the Internationalisation Unit at JPNJ. I gave a talk on International Relations and Diplomatic Skills on the last day. Apart from that, we carried out Impromptu Speech where student leaders need to come up with an impromptu speech within 30 seconds. It was enlightening to see them enthusiastically volunteer to give their views on the topics given. The second phase would be carried out next month where this time, the focus is on personality and verbal eloquence. Good luck to the candidates!


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