Making Choices

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Today, the topic in class is Making Choices. Students shared their feelings when making choices in life. They mapped up their feelings collaboratively and came up with strings of emotions such as happy, sad, anxious, daunting, frustrated and confused. Then, they moved around in the class, listening and sharing their experiences in making choices in life.
“Teacher, I’m sad because I didn’t get to go to MRSM after getting 5As in UPSR. So, I have no choice but to stay in this school.”

I looked at her and I was transported back to the time I was her age. I scored 5As too but I didn’t get into the school I wanted. Instead, I studied in the school in my kampung until I finished Form 5.

“I understand your frustration. I was in your shoes before. I faced similar situation. All of my best friends got offers to go to MCKK, STF, TKC and good schools. I was sad and down for days.”

My students listened intently before I continued, sharing my experience.
” I discovered that after awhile, it’s not that bad. In fact, I had great time being in my school, thanks to my awesome teachers and friends. I chose to be active in school and I represented my school at various competitions up to national level. Then, I am blessed to get scholarship to study in UK & US. Just because you study in a kampung, it doesn’t mean you have to be mediocre. You have the choice to learn and be better than yesterday.”

I paused and glanced at all 35 hopeful faces in my class.

“So, it doesn’t matter where you study as long you make the choice to work hard and improve yourself. What matters is be sincere, work hard and be humble. You may not get there straightaway but you will get there one day.”

I hope that my students will not give up hope and make the choice to be the best versions of themselves. They may only be 13-year-old students now but it’s never too early to foster tenacity and perseverance.

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