Proverbs Game

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Proverb is a simple saying to instill moral values and common wisdom in life. Most of my students face problems in remembering proverbs as they involve symbolism and intricate meanings. I was thinking of meaningful and fun ways to teach proverbs and I thought of combining the concept of Pictionary & collaborative writing in my lesson. I called it the Proverbs Game.
For this lesson, you need small white boards ( items located at Bilik Bahan Bantu Mengajar) and whiteboard markers (bought 7).


Students formed their groups and named their team. Interesting names , not forgetting funny ones! The objective is to empower camaraderie as they are working as a team.
For every round, I’ll mention a proverb and each team has to visualize the proverb, provide correct meaning and construct correct sentence based on the proverb, within 2 minutes. After 2 mins, I’ll go around checking their answers and award point to their groups.


I did this lesson with 2 classes, one with high proficiency level and another lower proficiency level. For the lower proficiency level, I gave more scaffolding in the lesson where I did MCQ for the meanings. Using Pictionary concept will enhance the visual-spatial competence and collaborative writing is a way to encourage reluctant writers to work together with their peers.

Students’ interests were piqued when I brought the whiteboards and that put them in an enthusiastic mode. They were competitive as they wanted to win and there were many strategies done by groups to ensure nobody steals their answers 😂 It was great to see students were laughing and having fun learning about proverbs. They did extensive exercises on proverb as their homework too, to ensure they are exposed to more proverbs & understand their meanings.

You see, I learn that when students feel engaged, they learn better and would want to know more. I learnt from Kak Rahmah Sayuti, GC JUSA C that sharing learning ideas is a pragmatic way to encourage knowledge sharing at professional level. I have been blogging on teaching & learning since 2008 and I believe sharing is caring. I’ve learnt a lot from other teachers too and I believe we need to encourage each other to give the best to our students.

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