Gamification with Genially

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The Language & Technology Department, ELTC MOE has conducted a webinar on “Gamification with Genially” successfully last Thursday. Our invited speaker was Ms. Leong Mi-chelle, the Head of Languages Department, University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia KDU Penang University College. It was a fruitful session where course participants were exposed to scintilating ways to jazz up your lessons by using interactive gamification features in Genially.

If you miss the webinar, fret not! You can watch the webinar video which is enclosed as part of the Introduction to Genially microcredential course.


1. Complete an online micro-credential course on OpenLearning

2. Get your IMPROVEcreds (e-cert, badge, points & CPD hours for SPLKPM).

*Organized by:*

Department of Language & Technology,
English Language Teaching Centre,
Ministry of Education Malaysia.


Seminar Guru Cemerlang Johor 2020

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Seminar Guru Cemerlang Johor 2020 had been successfully conducted this morning at Southampton University Malaysia. It is a joint project with the Johor Education Department which aims to support teachers who are interested to apply for the post of Guru Cemerlang (Excellent Teacher) as well as hone their skills in innovative teaching and learning skills. As the Secretary of the Council and the Task Force, I helped my team to organise this event which comprised of 120 teachers from Johor and even other states like Sabah and Melaka!

The teamwork and support provided during the planning of this event ensured that the 1st seminar can be conducted successfully. We managed to secure sponsorship for food, venue and merchandises. Based from the feedback given by the participants, we hope to organise more events to support professional development courses for teachers in Johor and beyond.

Teaching and Learning English Language in the 21st Century

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My latest academic writing in the book Teaching and Learning English Language in the 21st Century, published by USM Press. My chapter focuses on teacher professional development in Malaysia. This research discusses how the stakeholders can synergize to support effective English teaching development in Malaysia via Massive Open Online Courses. Do check it out!

Challenges in students’ mastery of English

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I was featured by New Straits Times yesterday where I gave my opinions on the challenges faced by students in mastering English Language. I strongly believe every student has the ability to improve their English Language acquisitions by scaffolding the right techniques and methods.

Tanda Bahagia: What makes a teacher happy?

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I’m grateful to be featured in Kosmo today on the Tanda Bahagia segment on things that make me happy. There are many ways teachers can be motivated and engaged professionally and on a personal level. To me, it is important to sustain your passion as a teacher by sharing and learning from one another. Being a constant learner is essential as with the robust changes happening in the education system, it is vital to be a lifelong learner.

Apart from that, I believe a teacher needs to find her vocation in life. To me, I would like to contribute to my nation by content development, organising projects with my students on leadership, intercultural and language awareness as well as be part of a thinktank on our education system. I feel that our education system has so many potentials but perhaps we need to improve its execution and monitoring process. I do not want to be a whiner but I would like to do something to rectify the situation. If you don’t like it, you have to fix it. We do what we can within our means. Maybe we felt we are not good enough but believe me, each and every one of us is significant in making an impact. We can set ripples to the ocean of education system.


Together we can be better.